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Jeremy is Professor of Cultural and Political Theory at the University of East London, and the current editor of the journal New Formations.


His most recent publications include  Twenty-First-Century Socialism (Polity 2020) and Hegemony Now : How Big Tech and Wall Street Won the World , co-authored with Alex Williams (Verso 2022). For earlier books, see the Books section of the website. For other scholarly publications, see 

Jeremy has written regularly for the British press (including the Guardian, the New Statesman, open Democracy and Red Pepper) and for think tanks such as IPPR and Compass.He has been involved with both mainstream party politics and extra-parliamentary activism throughout his adult life, having been an active participant in the social forum movement of the early 2000s as well as active for many years in trying to build links across the 'soft' and radical lefts of the Labour Party and the broader left, labour and progressive movements. 

Jeremy  has been an advisor to and participant in a range of political  projects such as The World Transformed, the New Economy Organisers Network and many others. He has also participated in various cultural projects, particularly connected with music and sonic culture, and is a founder member of Lucky Cloud Sound System and Beauty and the Beat, two successful and respected collectives that have been organising regular dance parties in East London since the early 2000s, at many of which he still regularly DJs.

Jeremy also maintains a lifelong commitment to public education outside the academy, currently hosting Culture, Power, Politics, a  regular podcast and series of free open seminars and lectures. He is also a co-host of the popular podcasts Love is the Message and #ACFM. 

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