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I am a core member of two overlapping sound-systems ('overlapping' in the sense that they share many personnel and a lot of the same equipment): Beauty & the Beat and Lucky Cloud Sound System.

Both of them hold regular audiophile dance parties. At Beauty & the Beat I normally play records, along with my friends Cedric and Cyril. 

Being part of a sound-system is not just being a 'DJ' - for all of these events we have to maintain and carefully manage a whole physical ecology of audio equipment, records, people and space, as well as maintaining budgets, co-ordinating teams of helpers, etc. etc. It's a lot of work, but to us it's an activity that is as important, valid and profound as any work of experimental theatre or conceptual art. To learn more about it, feel free to follow the links. 

Both of these sound systems have their roots in the series of parties that I helped launch in London 

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