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Discographies: Dance Music, Culture, and the Politics of Sound

(with Ewan Pearson)

(Routledge 1999)


Anticapitalism and Culture: Radical Theory and Popular Politics

(free legal pdf available HERE

(Berg 2008) 

Common Ground: Democracy and Collectivity in an Age of Individualism

(The paperback is still available from Amazon HERE but the full set of reviews is at the link above)

(Pluto 2014)

Maurizio Lazaratto Experimental Politics: Work, Welfare and Creativity in the Neoliberal Epoch ​(MIT Press, 2018) 


This is a collective translation with different contributing translators responsible for varying amounts, but I'm the main translator and overall editor. The volume contains a substantial introductory essay (over 10,000 words) of which I'm the sole author.

Twenty-First Century Socialism 

(Polity 2020)

Virtual Book on the Atlantic Political Conjuncture in 2020.
I published a book's worth of material online analysing the recent and current state of British  (and, to some extent, American) politics in 2020, on the highly-respected website open Democracy, as well as shorter pieces in the Guardian and elsewhere. See here for details and links. 

Jeremy Gilbert & Alex Williams Hegemony Now: How Big Tech and Wall Street Won the World (and how we win it back) (Verso 2022)

This is a substantial theoretical intervention which aims both to be the most significant contribution to the theory of hegemony since Laclau & Mouffe’s Hegemony and Socialist Strategy (1985) and to  offer a coherent account of the current socio-political conjuncture on both global and national scales.

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