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Common Ground: Democracy and Collectivity in an Age of Individualism (Pluto 2014).


Anticapitalism and Culture: Popular Politics and Radical Theory  (Berg 2008).


Discographies: Dance Music, Culture, and the Politics of Sound  (Routledge 1999) (co-authored with Ewan Pearson).



Forthcoming Books:


Twenty-First Century Socialism  (Polity 2019)


Jeremy Gilbert & Alex Williams Hegemony Now: Power in the Twenty-First Century (Verso 2020)

This is a substantial theoretical intervention which aims both to be the most significant contribution to the theory of hegemony since Laclau & Mouffe’s Hegemony and Socialist Strategy (1985) and to  offer a coherent account of the current socio-political conjuncture on both global and national scales

The Last Days of Neoliberalism: Scotland, Brexit, Bernie, Corbyn, Trump (Pluto 2020)

Possible Worlds: Music and Revolution 1962-2015 (When I get around to it - hopefully 2021)




Maurizio Lazaratto Experimental Politics: Work, Welfare and Creativity in the Neoliberal Epoch (MIT Press, 2018) 


This is a collective translation with different contributing translators responsible for varying amounts, but I am the main translator and overall editor and am credited as such. The volume contains a substantial, scholarly and original introductory essay (over 10,000 words) of which I am the sole author.


Edited collections




This Conjuncture  (Lawrence & Wishart 2019) - special issue of New Formations honouring Stuart Hall’s historic injunction to crucial scholars to undertake ‘conjunctural analysis’. This ambitious collection will include a wide range of scholarship, with a dozen scholars of international reputation already committed, and a recent call for papers offering a chance of others to contribute. I will be the sole editor and the make two significant contributions: an original scholarly article on the politics of housing, real estate and debt since the early 1980s, and a substantial authoritative introduction.





Neoliberal Culture  (Lawrence & Wishart 2016) 

This is the issue of New Formations published in 2013, reprinted in book form with a 2016 ISBN. My contribution to this well-received volume, the introductory essay ‘What Kind of Thing is Neoliberalism?’,  has been widely cited since first being published as a journal article, but was not submitted for REF 2014, so this entire volume including that introduction could form part of my REF 2020 submission. 


Editor (with Andrew Goffey) of New Formations double issue Societies of Control (2015)


Editor of New Formations double issue Neoliberal Culture (2013)


Co-editor of New Formations special issue Deleuzian Politics? (2010) with Chrysanthi Nigianni. As well as commissioning and editing the volume, I wrote a lengthy introductory article, translated an essay by Véronique Bergen, and co-ordinated and edited a round-table discussion with leading Deleuzian (and anti-Deleuzian) scholars Eric Alliez, Claire Colebrook, Nicholas Thoburn and Peter Hallward. 


Timothy Bewes & Jeremy Gilbert (eds.) Cultural Capitalism: Politics after New Labour, Lawrence & Wishart, December 2000


Co-editor of New Formations special issue, Diana and Democracy (1999) with David Glover, Cora Kaplan, Jenny Bourne Taylor and Wendy Wheeler.  



Peer–Reviewed Journal Articles 



‘Disaffected Consent: that post-democratic feeling’ in Soundings Summer 2015 


‘What Kind of Thing is Neoliberalism?’, in New Formations November 2013


‘The Pedagogy of the Body: Affect and Collective Individuation in the Classroom and on the Dancefloor’ in Educational Philosophy and Theory, November 2012


‘After 68: Narratives of the New Capitalism’ in New Formations, Autumn 2008


‘Against the Commodification of Everything: Anti-Consumerist Cultural Studies in the Age of Ecological Crisis’ in Cultural Studies, September 2008


‘The Complexity of the Social’ Soundings, Spring 2007


'Public Secrets: ‘Being-With’ In an Era of Perpetual Disclosure’ in Cultural Studies, January 2007


 ‘Dyer and Deleuze: Post-Structuralist Cultural Criticism’ in New Formations 58, Summer 2006


‘The Forum and the Market: The Complexity of the Social and the Struggle for Democracy’ Ephemera: Critical dialogues on Organization May 2005, Volume 5, Number 3


Signifying Nothing: 'Culture', 'Discourse' and the Sociality of Affect in Culture Machine 6 (2004) (


‘The Second Wave: the specificity of New Labour neo-liberalism  in Soundings 26 (Lawrence &Wishart 2004) 


‘Small Faces: The Tyranny of Celebrity in post-Oedipal culture’ in Mediactive 2 (Lawrence & Wishart 2004)


‘A Certain Ethics of Openness: Radical Democratic Cultural Studies’ in Strategies November 2001 (USA)


‘Against the Empire: Thinking the Social and (dis)locating agency ‘before, across and beyond any national determination’ in Parallax Vol. 7 No3, 2001


 ‘Soundtrack for an Uncivil Society: Rave Culture, The Criminal Justice Act and the Politics of Modernity’ in New Formations Summer 1997



Interviews / Dialogues in New Formations 

(peer-reviewed, but not conventional articles and not submittable for REF)


‘What is Austerity?’  - Interview/discionssion with James Meadway (then economist at New Economics Foundation, now chief advisor to John McDonnell M.P.), New Formations summer 2016. 


‘Post-post-Fordism in the Era of Platorms’  - interview/ discussion with economist Robin Murray in New Formations, summer 2015 


(with Mark Fisher) ‘Capitalist Realism, Neoliberal Hegemony: A Dialogue’ in New Formations November 2013



Book Chapters


‘The Absolute Corbyn’ in Mark Perryman (ed) (2017)  The Corbyn Effect. Lawrence & Wishart. 


‘Modes of anti-neoliberalism: moralism, Marxism and 21st Century Socialism’ in Bryn Jones & Mike O’Donnell (eds) (2017)  Alternatives to Neoliberalism: Towards Equality and Democracy.


‘The Question of Leadership’ in Verso Books (ed.) (2016)   Corbyn and the Future of Labour: A Verso Report . Verso. 


‘Break / Flow / Escape / Capture: The Energy and Impotence of the Hardcore Continuum’ in Jon Stratton and Nabeel Zuberi (2015) Black Music in Britain Since 1945, Ashgate.


‘What Does Democracy Feel Like? Form, Function, Affect, and the Materiality of the Sign’ in Lincoln Dahlberg & Sean Phelan (eds) (2011) Discourse Theory and Media Politics, Palgrave


‘Culture, Creativity and Continuity in the Sonic Sphere’, (translated into German) in Rosa Reitsamer & Wolfgang Fichna (eds) (2011)They Say I'm Different...: Popularmusik, Szenen und ihre AkteurInnen, Löcker. 


‘Beyond Gesture, Beyond Pragmatism’ (with Jo Littler) in What is Radical Politics Today, ed. Jonathan Pugh (2010), Routledge.


‘All the Right Questions, All the Wrong Answers’ in Paul Bowman & Richard Stamp (eds) (2007) The Truth of Zizek, Continuum


‘Cultural Studies and Anti-Capitalism’ in Birchall & Hall (eds) (2006) New Cultural Studies, Edinburgh University Press 


 ‘More than a Woman: Becoming-woman on the disco floor’ Rosa Reitsamer  & Rupert Weinzier (eds) (2005) Female Consequences. feminismus, antirassismus, popmusik 


‘Music Studies’ entry for The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory: 2003, The English Association, 2005


‘Becoming-Music: The rhizomatic moment of improvisation’ in Buchanan, Ian & Marcel Swiboda (eds) Deleuze and Music, Edinburgh University Press, 2004


‘Friends and Enemies: Which Side is Cultural Studies On?’ in Paul Bowman (ed.) Interrogating Cultural Studies, Pluto 2003


‘Music Studies’ entry for The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory: 2002, The English Association, 2004


‘Music Studies’ entry for The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory: 2001, The English Association, 2003


 (With Timothy Bewes) ‘Politics after Defeat’ in Cultural Capitalism: Politics after New Labour, Lawrence & Wishart, 2000


‘In Defence of Discourse Analysis’ in Cultural Capitalism: Politics after New Labour, Lawrence & Wishart, 2000


‘Beyond the Hegemony of New Labour’ in Cultural Capitalism: Politics after New Labour, Lawrence & Wishart, 2000


 ‘White Light/ White Heat; Jouissance Beyond Gender in the Velvet Underground’ in, Andrew Blake (ed.) (1999)  Living Through Pop. Routledge.


'Pop, Politics and Populism' in Anne Coddington & Mark Perryman (eds.) (1998) The 

Moderniser's Dilemma. Lawrence & Wishart.



Book reviews


‘Having a Laugh’ Review of Paolo Virno Multitude: Between Innovation and Negation in Radical Philosophy March / April 2009


Contributed to review symposium on Mark Bevir’s New Labour: a Critique in History of the Human Sciences 2006


Review of Hardt and Negri’s Multitude in New Formations 2005


Review of Howarth,  Norvall and Savrakakis (eds) Discourse Theory and Political Analysis in New Formations Summer 2002 


‘Becoming Stuart’ Review of Paul Gilroy, Lawrence  Grossberg and Angela McRobbie (eds) Without Guarantees: In Honour of Stuart Hall in New Formations Spring 2002


Review of  Deconstructing Disney by Eleanor Byrne and Martin McQuillan in Textual Practice 15 (2) 2001


‘A Question of Sport? Butler contra Laclau contra Zizek’ review of Butler, Laclau, Zizek Contingency, Hegemony Universality in New Formations  Autumn 2001


December 1999 Review article  ‘Living in Electric Dreams’, review article on recent publications on electric media, in Continuum, 13 (3).



Journalism, commentary and articles in non peer-reviewed publications


This is a selection of more substantial pieces: I have written shorter pieces for Open Democracy, Red Pepper etc and for various edited collections which are not listed here. 


Antisemitism, cosmopolitanism, and the politics of Labour’s ‘old’ and ‘new’ right wings open Democracy April 14th 2018


‘The Bennites’s Revenge: how Jeremy Corbyn and his allies survived political exile’ New Statesman  January 14th 2018 (print and online)


‘Why the time has come for “Acid Corbynism” New Statesman, October 24th 2017 (print and online)


‘Acid Corbynism: an Experimental Politics for Testing Times’ The Conversation October 12th 2017 


‘What is Acid Corbynism’ Red Pepper  September 2017 (print and online)


‘An Epochal Election: Welcome to the Era of Platform Politics’ open Democracy August 1st 2017


‘Labour can win: but first it must explain what Corbynism means’ The Guardian (print and online) July 24th 2017


‘Politics in the Platform Age’ Fabian Review (print and online) July 2017


 ‘Can Labour win back its heartlands? Not by turning blue.’ The Guardian (print and online) May 29th 2017.


‘The Crisis of Cosmopolitanism’published by Stuart Hall Foundation April 18th 2017


‘Forty Years of Failure: How to challenge the narrative of hard Brexit’. Open Democracy April 24th 2017.


The Relations of Force: Power and Politics in Britain Today. April 2017


‘The Progressive Alliance: Why Labour Needs it’ Substantial and influential pamphlet published by Compass March16th  2017.


Two substantial memoirs of Mark Fisher published online March 2017:


‘A Hijack or a Mutiny? Labour, Leadership and the Left’ September 13th 2016.


‘The Two Souls of Labour’ Jacobin, August 3rd 2016.


Labour’s Crisis and the End of the Two-Party System. Published by the University of Sheffield’s ‘Labour Pains’ project  July 28th 2016.


‘Is Momentum a Mob? No - this is what democracy looks like.’  July 18th 2016


‘Facing the Facts: A Progressive Strategy for 2020’. May 11th 2016. 


‘The Case for Radical Modernity’ Red Pepper (print and online) January 12th 2016


‘Corbynism and its Futures’ published by Zone Books Near Futures Online (substantial essay - 7,0000+ words) January 2016


‘Corbyn: What’s a Leader Really For? December 1st 2015.


‘A 10-Point Programme for Twenty-First Century Socialism’ . Novara Media August 25th 2015. 


‘What hope for Labour and the left? The election, the 80s and ‘aspiration’’  (5,000 word essay, shared over 2000 times before counting stopped)  July 28th 2015‘aspiration’


‘A Broken System Cannot Carry On Forever’ January 30th 2015


Reclaim Modernity: Beyond Markets, Beyond Machines major political pamphlet co-authored with Mark Fisher, published  October 2014  by Compass:


‘Labour must redefine what it means to be modern’ October 14th 2014


‘How Does Change Happen and How Can we Make It?’ November 18th 2013

[This essay was commissioned as a keynote discussion document for the ‘Change: How?’ conference organised by Compass and attended by 500 people in London, November 2013]


‘The Value of Culture: A (reluctant) tribute to the BBC’ January 11th 2013 Open Democracy,


‘Capitalism, creativity and the crisis in the music industry’ September 14th 2012 Open Democracy


‘Moving on from the Market Society: culture (and cultural studies) in a post-democratic age’,  July 13th 2012 Open Democracy


‘After individualism: The unfinished business of New Times’ in Juncture: Journal of the Institute for Public Policy Research, November 2011. 


‘Sharing the Pain: The Emotional Politics of Austerity’, Open Democracy January 14th 2011

(The original version of this piece appeared the previous December on the New Statesman blog, and  a short version was re-printed in the edited collection, Fight Back, published by Open Democracy.


‘Elitism, Philistinism and Populism: The Sorry Tale of UK Higher Education Policy’ Open Democracy January 14th 2010

Republished at


‘The Great University Swindle’ Comment is Free January 12th 2010 / Guardian print edition January 13th 2010


‘A Radical Future’ in Ben Little (ed) Radical Futures: Politics for the Next Generation (e-book published by Lawrence & Wishart), January 2010


‘Postmodernity and the Crisis of Democracy’ Open Democracy May 28th 2009


‘After New Labour, After Neoliberalism: Is Progressive Government Possible?’ Red Pepper, December 2008


‘Not Following in Thatcher’s Footsteps’ Comment is Free, October 28th 2008


‘What Mayor Boris Signals for the Left’ Open Democracy May 22nd 2008


Review of Hardt and Negri’s Multitude in Red Pepper March 2005 


‘The New International: A Report from The European Social Forum’ December 2002


‘Harry Potter and the Third Way’ November 28th 2001


‘Lessons We Never Learned From Rave Culture’ The Independent April 02 2001


'The Politics of Pleasure' in Red Pepper magazine, June 1999


‘New Labour’s Blurred Vision’ Signs of the Times discussion paper May 1997


‘Critical Masses’ Signs of the Times discussion paper June 1997


Other writing 


‘Other Accumulations’ Text for Dutch Art Institute project ‘Restoration of a Wall’ by Viki Semou, April 2010


‘Music is Power’ in Art Press 2 (France): December 2009 (commissioned article published in both English and French).


Translations of own work


 Cultura y politicas de la musica dance (Spanish translation of Discographies), Paidos, December 2003 (with Ewan Pearson)


‘Music is Power’ in Art Press 2 (France): December 2009 (commissioned article published in both English and French). 


‘Pós-Modernidade e a crise da democracia’ (Portuguese translation of ‘Postmodernity and the Crisis of Democracy’)  Laboratorio De Estudos Do Tempo Presente , July 2009


‘Culture, Creativity and Continuity in the Sonic Sphere’, (translated into German) in Rosa Reitsamer & Wolfgang Fichna (eds) (2011)They Say I'm Different...: Popularmusik, Szenen und ihre AkteurInnen, Löcker. 


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